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Lecture and Program possibilities.


Why 'possibilities'? I've seen plenty of presentations, in a variety of professional venues, so I understand that not all groups have the same needs. I prefer to customize a presentation that provides your group with the information you'd like to share in a manner that's not too formal. 


Below you'll find a list of my current lectures. If there's something that you'd like more information about, please don't hesitate to use the 'Contact Me' form on the Home page. I value your time and will respond as quickly as I can.

Learn how thinking of your family history material as an Archives will help you to organize, arrange, describe and make it all easily accessible for you and its future stewards.

Who Will Look at Your Genealogical Collection?

What is the G.P.S? Using it to navigate the shortest route and around detours and roadblocks; you found it where?

Family History's Navigational Tool: The G.P.S.

Isn't it just Stuff? But, Grandma said so...verifying oral history myths; tracing the origins of heirlooms; analyzing the value of ephemera's evidence.

Gleaning Genealogical Evidence from Ephemera

Why visit an Archives? What to know before you go; the 'whys' behind the rules in an Archives; handling the materials available or 'To Glove or Not to Glove'

A Genealogist's Guide to an Archives' Visit

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