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As a Consulting Archivist I can help you gain control over your family history or genealogical research materials. Using archival sciences as a foundation, I can get things in order, teach you how to maintain it and create a plan for how you can share it all, either today or in the future. In the end, your material will be stored in archival folders and boxes, you'll be provided with a finding aid to easily find things, and you'll have peace of mind your hard work and treasures are safe.

Personal Archives



I love to share the knowledge I've gained as a Consulting Archivist, especially with regard to how family historians and genealogists can use the same techniques I use in my professional work on their own collections.


I'm happy to present to groups small and large. Whether you're part of a Genealogy Society, a Lineage Society, a Historical Society, a Library, a home school group or any other group, I'll look forward to sharing what I've learned with your group.


Lecture Topics



I've been performing research for work for a very long time, and for genealogical purposes 20+ years. Whether you'd like help with cleaning up an online tree, need materials pulled from the Chicago NARA site, or would like help with on-site materials in the northern counties in Illinois, I'm able to assist you.  Also, Chicago has a vast array of remarkable historical repositories, many of which are not usually seen as having genealogical use. My work as an Archivist has provided me with access to some repositories not otherwise available to the public. 

Anything Else?


I can work with materials in a wide range of languages including Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, and Italian. I have done on-site research for myself and clients in Ohio and Michigan; I have also performed on-line research using repositories and resources in the British Isles, Europe, Poland and Brazil.


If you have handwritten documents you are unable to read, I can provide transcriptions. I can also scan materials, correct damage to photographs, etc.

If you'd like to discuss how I can help you, please contact me. A consultation is always free.

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